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Training & Education

Range use, training, and education are available by appointment only. Reservations must be made in advance. See Pricing and Reservations page for more information.

Pointing Dogs: Puppy Training - Emphasizing his “building blocks to success” program, well- known trainer Bob West provides tips on choosing a gun dog puppy and discusses the essential “yard training” commands- heel, come, sit, kennel, and no. West demonstrates how to successfully teach the puppy to respond to each command immediately and consistently, and also covers the young dog’s introduction to burds, field work, water, and gunfire.

Pointing Dogs: Intermediate Training - With the basic commands mastered, the young dog is ready to begin more advanced work. Bob West introduces the training table and demonstrates its use in teaching “whoa” and the trained retrieve, then shows how to move this training onto the ground and into the field, emphasizing steadiness and control. After completing these lessons, the young dog is hunted for the first time, illustrating its proficiency at finding, pointing, and retrieving game.

Well Armed Women - For 2nd Adventure Group, Well Armed Women is an alliance that empowers one another in our professional development and educates members to be confident and lead adventurous lives. Our goal is to network and connect with other women in the industry. We aim to teach and learn more about firearms and related accessories. Well - Armed Women strives to grow in our personal and professional lives and share those resources with like minded women in the industry and at work. 

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