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Whether it's a quick getaway, recreational fun, corporate retreat, or serious training, the Big Springs Shooting Range has got you covered. This is where safety and hospitality come together in a state-of-the-art facility. Now, we invite you to check out why Big Spring Shooting Range has earned the reputation as one of Iowa's premiere pheasant hunting, training, and shooting facilities. 

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"Just having land isn't enough to make a great shooting range. It has to be designed and built by people who know shooting. Big Springs clearly was built by people who know and love shooting. From the clay bird layout to the long range rifle bays, whether you are doing serious training or just out for an afternoon of popping some caps, any shooter will feel at home here."

Tom Gresham,
Gun Talk® Radio

Open Shoot Schedule

Open Shoot will be on Saturdays starting May 4th for Rifle/Pistol from 12-4pm and starting June 1st for Shotgun from 12-4pm. Open Shoot goes through October 26th. 

Range will be closed to the public for the following dates: 
June 15th - 500 Yd Rifle Range Closed
June 29th - Rifle Range Closed
July 13th - Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Range Closed

Check our Range Calendar before coming out!

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